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Date Updated: January 8, 2009

What is New? Updated Donor List, Added Tanga Night Pictures

School 2007

Picture by Aftab Fidaali 2003

My Tanga I Owe You

TANGA – place where I grew up and received good education
TANGA - which gave me a good life and happy memories

The economic situation in Tanga is very bad and most of the local parents are having a hard time surviving. Let us help them with their children’s education.

When we were growing up, we were fortunate that our forefathers and others set up good educational and other social services for us, which has made us what we are today.

I am willing to give my support and make my contribution to help the up and coming new generations of Tangawallas.

Our Vision – Tanga (Tanzania) Educational Help Association TESA

A Non Profit Organization (NGO), has been registered in Canada and it is called TESA - Tanzania (Tanga) Education Support Association. The short term vision for 2009 is detailed below.

For the longer term vision, 2010 & beyond, we hope that utilizing our alumni base we can expand our donor base to include all the communities in which we live. We will be seeking assistance from the alumni and others to help with this.

The aims and objectives of this organization are to assess the educational needs and undertake projects to help in particular the students of Usagara Secondary School in Tanga, Tanzania.
With input from two of TESA's directors, who did an on site needs assessment, and an ensuing report (See School Visit Report on menu bar, at left), the TESA committee has decided to prioritize its goals as follows:

For 2008 & 2009

Thank You - Target of

$40,000 Achieved

  • Supply Science & Math Books for all A level students.  cost $10,000
  • Supply 15 Bunk Beds for Park Hostel (presently 2 adults share a bed)  Cost $2,000
  • Refurbish Physics and Biology labs with equipment for experiments, water and gas connections. Cost $20,000
  • Other small assistance. Cost $8,000

Thanks to your generosity we have raised $45,334 todate.

We are pursuing purchase of text books and other equipment for presentation to the School at the Tanga Reunion in January 2009


  • Build a permanent structure outside the main back gates of the school to house a dining/ study hall/ kitchen/ canteen/ storage facility to fill a serious need.  Estimated Cost $100,000.

We are planning to erect a "Memory Wall" in the front school compound with a small garden and a sitting area. TESA will employ a full time gardener to maintain this area.

20 plaques in memory of Tanga families of Tanga, past and present will be mounted on the "Memory Wall". Donation for each plaque will be $5,000.

Plans are being drawn up for this, and will be circulated to all alumni. If you are interested in donating a plaque, please let us know

2011 And Beyond

As we become more established and recognized we will involve other charitable foundations and civil societies for funding and donations. Long term vision is unlimited, but would include the following initiatives

  • Set up TESA Learning Centres with computer lab and access to the internet for distance learning.
  • Recruit teachers from other countries e.g. India to provide teaching assistant at TESA Learning Centre.
  • Recruiting volunteer teachers for 6 to 12 months assignments.
  • Student Exchange Programs.

Yes, WE CAN do this with the help of all.

Target $140,000
Raised $ 44,696
(as of Jan 8, 2009)


We need YOUR help to reach the target!