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Help Educate Children of Tanga


Following in the footsteps of Zahir Dhalla and his team who successfully completed a renovation project for the school in 2003, and taking up his vision of “What Next”; a committee was set up in early 2008 to raise funds for the School.

Committee Members:

  • Zahir Dhalla
  • Naseem Jivanjee (Noorani)
  • Kaniz Khimjee (Dhalla)
  • Fatma Patel (Khimjee)
  • Mahendra Shah
  • Mohamed Dhalla
  • John & Delphine Fernandes
  • Stephen de Souza

Initially the scope of the project was to raise a small amount of $25,000 for doing urgently needed renovations to selected parts of the school. After consultation with various alumni the scope of the project grew and a bigger vision emerged.

The vision now is to set up a Non-Profit Organization (NGO) with a longer time line, 3 to 5 years. In addition to raising funds, this organization will seek funding, on a matching grant basis, from various Government funded and other charitable institutions to create a large pool of funds ( CAD $500,000) to help with the educational needs of Tanga school children. This group will be seeking the help of other international charitable organizations presently working in Tanzania or wishing to work in Tanzania.

The role of the above committee is to raise funds to support TESA’s objectives from the Usagara (Karimjee) alumni, past and present residents of Tanga and other well wishers.

This committee will serve as a sub-committee of TESA, our NGO organization.