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Help Educate Children of Tanga

NGO (Non Government Organization)

TESA - Canada and USA Board Members with Tanzanian High Commissioner.
Missing: UK and Tanzania Board Members

We are registered as a Not for Profit Organization (NGO) with the Federal Government of Canada, and all Alumni and other well wishers will be eligible to join the membership at no cost.

Name of the Organization is  Tanga (Tanzania) Educational Help Association (TESA). We hope to keep this organization alive for future ongoing projects.

A meeting was held in Toronto on May 24, 2008.

Below are the minutes of the meeting which provides further useful information on our efforts. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know. We are also looking for volunteers to join the Board of Directors of TESA. Vacancies exist for Directors from USA. Residents of USA please come and join us in this worthwhile charitable cause.

Tanga (Tanzania) Education Support Association TESA


Meeting took place on Sat 24th May' 08 at the Host Restaurant, Toronto, in the party room, starting at 6.50 PM. Chairperson: Mohamed Dhalla; Minute Taker: Naseem Jivanjee

Stephen and Odette DeSouza; Mohamed and Fatima Dhalla; Zahir and Yasmin Dhalla; Shamoun and Naseem Jivanjee; Kaniz Khimjee; Yusuf Mnyusiwalla; Omari and Fatima Nundu; Subhash and Fatima Patel; Mahendra Shah. Apologies; John and Delphine Fernandes; Javed Qureshi

Attendees introduced themselves and gave their backgrounds. Zahir said that although he has not returned to Tanga since 1973, he has had involvement with URITHI, a Tanga based organization, for about 10 years. Omari had been away from Tanga and out of the country for many years working with several international organisations until he returned to Tanga to retire in 2002. Since 2003 he has been the Permanent Representative of the United Republic of Tanzania to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) in Montreal; and a member of the Air Navigation Commission (ANC) of ICAO since 2006. He is the President of the Air Navigation Commission for 2008. The common bond of attendees was a love of Tanga and a wish to do something for the students of Usagara Secondary School. Mohamed thanked everyone for coming and especially welcomed Omari and Fatima, who came all the way from Montreal to take part.


Mohamed has made the application for NGO registration and a request has been received for some corrections, which will be done soon. It was felt that the NGO status would help us eventually, once we are established, to get charitable status.

Zahir had sent Mohamed alumni E Mail addresses with approx 300 names, and the challenge now is to tap our contacts for more names. Hussein Khimjee's nephew has set up the website, and bulk E mails were sent out in March'08.There have been 10 to 15 responses. The website will need to be updated regularly, and includes a list of donors as well as room for corporate sponsors to advertise. Kaniz has been telephoning alumni with some good results.

To date the donations pledged stands at $4,500. The Karimjee Foundation has also volunteered to donate an unspecified amount.

A bank account has been opened at the Royal Bank, Edmonton, with Mohamed as the signatory.He asked for 1 more signatory and Naseem has agreed.

Mohamed said he is waiting for pertinent information re demographics, as well as photos of Usagara, from Farhat Lane.There has been communication from Habib Nuru, an architect and alumni who works in Daressalaam and Tanga.


Mohamed gave out a list of TESA Board Members who have volunteered, and a list of their expected responsibilities. The Board members unanimously appointed were;

Omari Nundu Montreal, Canada Chairman
Mohamed Dhalla Edmonton, Canada Secretary/Treasurer
Stephen DeSouza Toronto, Canada Board Member
Naseem Jivanjee Toronto, Canada Board Member
Zahir Dhalla Toronto, Canada Board Member
Farhat Lane Tanga/Dar, Tanzania Board Member
Habib Nuru Tanga/Dar, Tanzania Board Member
Shaukat Manji England Board Member
Abbas Nurbhai England Board Member
Vacant USA Board Member

Yusuf Mnyusiwalla declined to be a director but agreed to be a liaison with Mary Tidlund Foundation.

Mohamed requested each alumni present to raise $ 5000 by November '08 using an approach they were comfortable with. A 1 page write up will be prepared as a guide for fundraisers. The idea of printing a Tanga calendar was looked into but not feasible, as Mohamed said a colour ring bound calendar would be too expensive to make much money. The fundraising committee, chaired by Naseem,will be a permanent committee responsible for raising funds.

Tanga Nite has been postponed until November 8, 2008,and Mohamed will prepare a new flyer, as well as stickers to put change of date and map of banquet hall on tickets.All other info stays the same. We need a screen and projector, which is costly to hire,and Kaniz will ask Murtaza Aloo about borrowing his.Naseem asked for items for the auction and raffle, which will help raise extra funds. It was agreed that we would invite the Tanzanian Ambassador to Canada and Mary Tidlund to attend.

Much discussion took place about our goals, aims and objectives. Should we put our money into secondary or just A level students,girls versus boys,just Usagara or Tanga region, do repairs or focus on students?

It was felt that we should first accumulate a sizeable sum of money, then look at sponsoring individual students. We needed to know how much it would cost to provide for the education of 1 child,as we are getting different figures.

Omari asked " Where do we start? " Yusuf suggested we select for eg the top 10 students in Form 1 and pay half their fees, not full. Fatima Patel said everyone could donate a large sum into a pool and we invest the money so that we could generate income, like an endowment fund. Zahir thought we could use the model of The Foster Parent Plan, sponsoring specific children.

Omari said repairs and renovations were essentially a government responsibility and we should not get into that area.It was important to have a sustainable project and local people could always donate to the government for necessary school repairs. He emphasized that Tanga needs a great deal of attention in building more schools and even a university, and we need to put political pressure locally and nationally to get more help for Tanga.Therefore, we need to refocus our efforts on helping students.

Fatima Patel suggested a group of us meet with the Minister for Tanga at the planned 2009 Reunion in Tanga.There was the question of aid money, and where it was being channelled.
Omari said we should look at a student who is serious and doing well, encourage and give all the basic expenses including school fees, rather than worry about boy or girl because there were positives and negatives on both genders giving an example of a girl he has been supporting to no avail as the girl keeps getting pregnant. Stephen,Yusuf and Mahendra felt we should concentrate on Usagara, not Tanga Region, as our immediate goal, focusing efforts on helping individual students.

The standard of education in Government schools is poor and there is an option (as suggested by India Howell), to help fewer students, but send them to private secondary schools.

Omari had heard that Montreal and Tanga are twin cities but that proved not to be the case. He asked members to find out if there were any cities in Canada that were twin sisters to Tanga like Eckernford is. Can someone look into that? Mohamed will also look into teaming Usagara with a school in Edmonton.

Naseem will be visiting Tanga in July '08, and will get more info with the help of Farhat on Park Hostel and Usagara.Naseem felt we needed a good needs assessment before we can decide where the money should be spent.

Naseem will look at involvement of Sleeping Children around the World, a Canadian organization started by Hockey player Murray Dryden, which supplies basic bedding and kits to needy children, for Park Hostel. With there being no other business, the dinner meeting adjourned at 10.45 PM.

Board Member’s Brief Bio-Data

Stephen Desouza – Greater Toronto Area

Born and raised in Tanga, finished high school at Karimjee and moved to Dar-es-salaam.

Came away to Vancouver, Canada in 1974 and worked for the CIBC before moving to Toronto in 1979.

Worked for CIncom Systems as a Controller for the first few years and then worked for Garrett Canada as Manager Financial Accounting.

Presently work as Director SAP for Answerthink Inc, based out of Miami, FL and commute weekly to the USA to work.

I live in Toronto with my wife, Odette and my mother who was born and brought up in Tanga as well.

I am particularly interested in serving on this committee to help re-build the school, that was responsible for my career path.

Habib Nuru – Dar es salaam & Tanga

I shall be interested to play the part you might need in tanga, as a director. I am the chairman of Tanzania Salt Producers Association and Tanga District Development Association. As I wrote I will volunteer to check the Karimjee Secondary School buildings and send you a report of a short conditional survey.

Naseem Jivanjee – Greater Toronto Area

I was born in Tanga and spent my formative years there, going to several schools in that time. I graduated from Usagara( then Karimjee) after doing Senior Cambridge in 1959 and did my post sec education in England, completing a degree, and Social administration diploma from London School of Economics. I married, taught in Nairobi at Aga Khan Academy for 2 years and we moved to Canada in 1974. I worked as a Scool Social worker with the Toronto Board of education until my retirement in 2003 and am engaged in several community and fundraising projects. I live in Oakville, Ontario.

Omari Nundu - Montreal

I am from Tanga and I attended secondary education at Karimjee for six years (forms 1 - 6). In 1989/70 I was the Head Boy. I did Aeronautical Engineering at Glasgow University and postgraduate studies and research at Cranfield University in the same field. I have worked with East Government of Tanzania, East African airways (EAAC), Air Tanzania (ATC), Eastern and Southern African Management Institute (ESAMI), Southern African Development Community (SADC) in that order. When I returned to Tanga to retire in October 2002, the government appointed me the Representative of Tanzania to ICAO. Whilst at ICAO I also became a member of the Air Navigation Commission for which I am the president right now.

Shaukat Manji – London England

I was born in Tanga and studied at the Usagara (then Karimjee Government Junior & Secondary) Schools. I completed my O-levels in 1961, and in 1962 moved to Plymouth College, UK, to continue with A-levels. From there I moved to Bristol College (now University of West of England) to study Aeronautical Design & Engineering, graduating in 1968 with Distinction.

For a year I was in odd jobs as well as touring Europe, then in 1969 joined English Electric (later part of GEC/Marconi) in the Airflow Research Laboratory.

In 1970, due to family tragedy in Tanzania, I left my profession and joined the family business in Tanzania and Pakistan, finally in 1972 establishing a company in UK to handle exports of Industrial machinery and parts.

In 1978, when 2 of my brothers joined me in the business in UK, we moved on to importing auto parts for Japanese cars for distribution in the UK, as well as exporting these and truck engines to West Africa, mainly Nigeria and Ghana. Later we established an office in Ghana to handle all the West African business, until 2002 when ill-health forced me to slow down. After the death of my elder brother and mentor in 2005, we finally closed the businesses and retired

Today I am involved as a volunteer in our Jamaat, local community and a national charity organization in a minor capacity, which also leaves me time enough to enjoy my two grand children, as well as travel to see the world.

Farhat Lane – Dar es salaam & Tanga

Past Education Board member for Usagara & Popatlal School

Mohamed Dhalla – Edmonton, Alberta

Completed Grade 12 at Karimjee School in 1956.

Graduated as an Electrical Engineer from the then Royal Technical College in Nairobi in 1962.

Worked as an Electrical Engineer with East African Power & Lighting Co in Nairobi and Mombasa from 1963 to 1974.

Migrated to Canada in 1974, and worked for Dow Chemical Canada till early retirement in 1995.

Operating a small business in Edmonton as an Insurance Broker and Authorized Agent for Alberta Government.

Abbas Nurbhai - UK

I will volunteer to serve on the board.

I am based in UK but have got a company in Tanga selling consumer products , I travel to Tanga twice a year so I can assist.