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Mailbag Responses

Letter from Farhat Lane (ex Karimjee student in Tanga)

From: Farhat Lane [lane@cats-net.com]
Sent: Sunday, March 09, 2008 8:18 AM
To: mohamed@allso.com
Cc: Shamoun Jivanjee
Subject: Re: Tanga

Dear Mohamedbhai,

I just got back yesterday hence the delay in replying. Mombasa was fun as it always is esp with family around.

You all collected quite a sum of money in 2003 which was taken up by the Rotary Foundation, given a matching grant and about the sum of $40,000 was spent on various  minor and major repairs to the Usagara School. Their appreciation was tremendous.

Since then, I embarked on the rehab of Park hostel which houses 200 Form 5 and 6 Usagara students. The condition of the hostel was so bad that I felt shameful in living in a town, where I had it all and did nothing for the plight of so many. Through Zahir Dhalla, from the Alumni we got about $3000, which was again handled by the Rotary Club of Tanga but with my input on priorities I had asked for. We got doors fixed on toilet and showers! (there were none!), repaired furniture,broken beds,tables,etc, put in lighting in the study area,mosquito netting on the windows , etc etc, all we could do to make their lives a little bit more comfortable.

You saw the state of the school and yes, there is a lot that can be done and  is needed.

I was on the board of Usagara for a few years but resigned in Nov as their meetings did not coincide with my visits to Tanga.

I suggest a specific area of the school be taken up (assembly hall /lab ), an estimate done of the costing ,then you have something specific to go to the Donors with.

I also suggest, unless you are physically here for a while, that you give the project to the Rotary Club of Tanga who see it through very efficiently.

Whatever you do collect, may we keep a little bit for the park hostel minor renovations. Its a wonder to see how 18+ students manage to get through A Levels living in such difficult conditions.

I am here for whatever I can do, for its a project close to my heart too.



Copy of email from our Chairman Omari Nundu to well established and politically connected Tanzanians from Tanga.

Dear Saidi,

Thanks for your usual, prompt responses and relevant suggestions. You might wish to know that TESA's current endeavour is to collect $100,000 within the year and initially this was targeted to repairs of the deteriorated ceiling/roof of the assembly hall. After our 24th May meeting we decided to propose a refocus from repairs to academic excellence and support and it is this idea that we are working on but not at the expense of the physical wellbeing of the buildings and premises. The later is a responsibility of the Government and the City Council. We have to pressurise the administrative authorities to play their part while we concentrate on the bettering the ultimate outcome - the academic achievement. we need those of us who are in Tanzania to contact other alumni in Government and influential Organisations to address the later as part of their overall contribution. I would think that most of the alumni are not aware of the appaling situation especially if they live elsewhere and do not have the opportunity to visit the school very often.

Please try to see if you can locate the following alumni and let them know:
1. Judge James Bwana
2. Judge Raziabegum Sheikh
3. Adv. Jesse Mnguto
4. Wilson Mkama - Permanent Secretary PM's office
5. Kalua Simba - last known CEO of a Morogoro Texco
6. Hilary Soud - Zonal Manager, NBC Arusha
7. Adv. Hamida Sheikh
8. Mayor Salim K Kisauji
9. Hon. Mohammed Hamisi Missanga, M.P
10. Senior Mag. Eddie "Nyambo"
11. Linford Mboma ex-CEO of Tanzania Railways
etc, etc

Uncle Bin Issa should be able to furnish more names surrounding him in Dar.

I invite everyone to visit the website http://www.usagara.org./ for more information.


So much to do in so short a time!

From: bin_yakub@hotmail.com
To: nundu@hotmail.com; binisahasan@yahoo.com; habconsult@raha.com; habconsult@yahoo.com; isajan@tcaa.go.tz; sn.g1g@sympatico.ca; tangaproj@shaw.ca; mussa_makame@hotmail.com; msaid@eastcoast-energy.com; nuru@softnet.co.tz; sbuhero@vodacom.co.tz; mwamady@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: Minutes TESA Think Tank Dinner Meeting ( Amended )
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2008 06:44:59 +0000

Dear Nundu et al

I fully agree with your comments and observations, Usagara is indeed deteriorating academically, A quick glance at Usagara results (now available online at www.necta.go.tz) will confirm that.

I was in Tanga earlier in the year and met the current Headmaster, Mr Mkwizu and he recommended that as well as supporting the school building (he mentioned significant contributions from alumnis of canada) he needs sponsors in academic arena

- Those who can sponsor best students in each form i.e. free tuition for the following year for an outstanding student
- Prizes for best students in particular studies etc.
- Essay competition - Contributions in terms of books and other stationeries
- PC and Maintenance fees
- They are currently connected to the internet but it is very costly, USD 350 Per month hence needs a sponsor so that their internet service which is free for students and teachers will be constantly available

It is amazing how simple their immediate requirements are and yet we don't come forward to support our young brothers.

There is a lot we can accomplish if we come together, now that we have established a problem, solutions like those recommended by the headmaster and Mr Nundu would be a good move in tackling academic deterioration in the region not just Usagara.

Let's join our hands together in this and I am hopeful that one day we can look back and say this is where it began, as you say there is so much to do in so short time!

Count Me Uncle Nundu

Saidi Yakubu.
Dar es salaam, 0762089225

From: nundu@hotmail.com
To: binisahasan@yahoo.com; bin_yakub@hotmail.com; habconsult@raha.com; habconsult@yahoo.com; isajan@tcaa.go.tz; sn.g1g@sympatico.ca; tangaproj@shaw.ca
Subject: FW: Minutes TESA Think Tank Dinner Meeting ( Amended )
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2008 21:55:21 -0400

Dear All,

It is no secret that of late the physical condition and the academic performance of Karimjee (Usagara) School have deteriorated and become pathetic; so it is imperative that some action must be taken to bring the school back to its yester year glory. The question is whether there are means to reverse this deterioration. Twice some of the alumni have volunteered to mobilise funds through direct contribution by former students for minor repairs but it has become clear that this sporadic, reactive and one off approach and any improvements made are just temporary and cannot be sustained. There must be a better way of helping the school. The Think Tank meeting of volunteers that took place in Toronto late last month agreed that the solution lies in concentrating on restoring the academic performance through alumni contribution whilst putting pressure on government to play its role of taking care of the physical condition of the school. There are many alumni of the school who hold high positions within the Tanzanian government and who have succeeded in life in different ways all over the world. These if they so wish can form the backbone of this revival undertaking and can champion the move forward. As Chairman of TESA I invite all of us to come on board and to contact other alumni that we know of to take part. Please pass the word around to the alumni whom you know.

Omari R Nundu

So much to do in so short a time!